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Friday, February 11, 2011



I need to revise the SLT (= Science Literacy Test) into a YAMSLT = Yellow Armadillos Math Science Literacy Test so that it can be used to check on the left as well as the right. Any suggestions for another question?

Q.1. If the budget for program X has a built in annual bump up of 11% per year and you reduce that bump up by 3% so that the budget for program X actually grows by only 8%, then the change in the amount spent for program X is most accurately labeled as:
a) an 8% decrease, b) a 3% decrease, c) a 24% decrease, or d) an 8% increase.

Q.2. ?

Q.3. Do you believe in Evolution?

Q.4. Do you oppose teaching mythology in science class?

Desired answers: 1. d, 2. ?? 3. Yes, 4. Yes .


  1. Suggested question - Do you know what science is?

  2. Or better yet...

    Do you agree to let scientists (that is, people that publish in intetrnational, peer-reviewed scientific journals (where a "peer" is an accepted member of the international scietific community)) decide what is an isn't science?

    I mean seriously, if your not going to let a broadly recognized science organization determine what is and isn't religion, then why let a broadly recognized religious organization determine what is and isn't science (e.g., Intelligent Design).

    You should also add some word problems :)

  3. Thanks. Now remember guys we have to be able to tell from newspaper accounts whether they know the answers.