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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the winged partisans

I spent a few minutes checking out The Ed Show and Hannity last night. It was depressing.

Hannity is certain that Obama is mishandling Egypt. The Islamic Brotherhood is the thing (apparently it is a "gateway organization" to Al Queda) and we should move Heaven and Earth to make sure those Egyptians don't do the "wrong thing". After all Mubarak was always nice to Israel. You would have thought he was talking about one of our provinces.

Ed was all over Romney and those other Rs for "their flip-flop on health care which they liked when Romney did something similar in MA but they don't like in Obama's national version." He even played clips of Romney talking about supporting such a plan at the state level but not at the Federal level since a state does not have the same limitations on it that the Federal Government does – i.e. enumerated powers. I think that one could argue that that position is not valid and the differences in venue do not matter in this case. Ed did not do so, he only argued that they were for it in one circumstance and against it in another. Therefore flip-flop. Following his thinking if one supports state provided free K-12 education, then one is obliged to support changing to having the Federal Govt. providing it also.

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