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Friday, February 18, 2011

Quorum Denial

Wisconsin has a Republican Governor and the Republicans control both houses of the legislature, when they can get a quorum. There are 33 State Senate seats with 19 of them being held by republicans.

But a quorum in the Senate requires 20.

The Governor has put major proposals on the table and the Democratic Senators have fled to Chicago.

This is a manuever that has a long tradition in Texas. Originally(?), when God made only Democrats in Texas, it was the liberal minority who would hide out from a quorum call. On at least one occasion they were in the bathroom stalls with their feet up. Afterward, they were known as the "s--thouse liberals." This tradition was resurrected a few years ago in Texas, but in a much more comfortable way - what with the improvements in transportation and all - they went to Oklahoma.

The liberals love it.

They are the same liberals who hate the filibuster because it foils the majority.

What do my liberal friends think about this?

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