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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lee Greenwood's "at least"

I don’t like the line after “I’m proud to be an American" in Lee Greenwood's very famous song. It goes: "where at least I know I’m free.” It is that "at least" part that bothers me. "At least" suggests that everything else has gone to hell, but "at least" ... . It just doesn't ring right. It seems like "for sure" would work better.


  1. That's pretty funny...

    I guess the flow of the song takes precedence over the inspiring millions of Americans. I mean try replacing the words...While intellectually satysfying, it's acoustically akward.

    Something had to give...

  2. I was only talking about the meaning. It could have been completely rewritten.

    As is the lyric is silly.

  3. OK, I have examined the phrase from every conservable angle and I will have to agree with Wayne’s analysis/objection. So now I am going to listen to Trini sing A-me-ri-ca to get my mind right.