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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

arrested for torture?

A friend told me that Bush's trip to Switzerland was canceled "because of torture". It is an interesting expression.

Groups opposing Bush announced a two prong attack. The Center for Constitutional Rights was going to try to get the Swiss to begin a prosecution of Bush for "crimes" while he was there and others were planning a violent demonstration against him.

Bush's people announced that he was not going because of the threatened violence.

The Center says that he is not going because he fears being prosecuted.

It is a nice one-two punch. Threaten violence - get him to stay away - then claim that he is afraid of prosecution.

It is certainly good enough to persuade those who want to believe it.

You can find out more in the Washington Post story.

If it is not clear to you that this is poppycock then consider:
1. A swiss official said that Bush would be immune. and
2. If it wasn't a PR stunt, then why did they announce it in advance?
Why give him warning? Why not surprize him?

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