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Friday, February 25, 2011

Public employee unions

A couple of friends suggested to me the following story about a "prank" phone call to WI Governor Walker described in the Huffpost. There you will also find an article on the Governor's response.
The effort was similaar to the "pimp and prostitute" that did the hit on ACORN. The performer pretends to be something they're not in order to catch the object off guard. I thought the left disapproved of that kind of "journalism", but it is now imitating it. Not nearly as effectively I might add. Of course perhaps there is not as much there.

I'm having trouble with this issue. I unequivocally support unions in the private sector (up to, but not including card check). But I have a bit of trouble with public employees unions. Not only the question of whether they should be allowed to strike, but also the fact that, as an organized block of voters, the union has a lot to say about who is running the operation. The people in the government who sit down across the table from a public employees union are dependent (in part) on the union for their current and future positions in the government. Seems like a set of loaded dice. At the least it has produced some difficult situations for serveral states.

Even aside from the claim that the state is broke.

What do you do?
For two other views see Paul Krugman and Charles Krauthammer.

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