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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Revised a few hours later to tone it down a bit.

On CNN Anderson Cooper just said about 9:05 central (last night) the the "US had a lot to answer for" about Libya.

If you like gall, then you will love the media.

I expect that Anderson would, like any good liberal, reject out of hand any suggestion of American Exceptionalism. But, apparently, he really does believe in it, because why else would he look to us for the existence of Quaddafi? He didn't mention that China has anything to answer for.

He's putting people on TV saying we should do more. But if we did more and got involved in it then the self same Anderson Cooper would then put people on TV saying that interference was American Imperialism run amok and we were just there for the oil. Then he would bring on the others screaming - No blood for oil.

There is an Org of African states, the Org. of Arab states, an org of Islamic states, NATO, and the UN. Why is it our problem?

I support John F. Kennedy's statement from long ago: "Africa for the Africans."

It is now 9:30 and Cooper goes on and on. It was not an isolated remark.

It is time to say: "The era of American Exceptionalism is over. Let'em kill each other."

3-1-11 OK So I got a little carried away. I should have made it into a question with: Is it time to say ... . But I couldn't figure out how to punctuate that. See Libya 3 on 3-2-11.


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